About us

About Belvedere Stone

Our mission & vision

Our vision is to help architects, designers and homeowners use natural products to create exceptional spaces for generations to enjoy. At Belvedere Stone we use our experience as Quarry Masters and Masons to search the globe for robust, hardwearing and beautiful stones for use in residential and commercial projects. 

About us

We bring together a team of industry leading professionals who have specified and supplied projects from Cathedrals and National Monuments to Royal Palaces and award winning show gardens. Our experts have noticed an increase in the amount of poor quality stone being used in the UK and have created Belvedere Stone to provide architects, designers and homeowners with a consistent reliable source of high quality, hard-wearing natural stone flooring and paving.

Family run organisation

Belvedere Stone is part of the Lovell Stone Group, a family run company that is passionate about stone. The group own 5 quarries in the UK and produce building stone, architectural masonry, flooring and paving. We have used our expertise as Quarry Masters and Masons to source stone from quarries around the world with an undisputed heritage and proven resilience. Our team have a proven track record in supplying projects in all corners of the world and will apply this extensive knowledge to your project, helping you select the correct stone and modern fixing methods to ensure the longevity of your installation.

Providing stone for future generations

We offer a collection of excellent quality, hard-wearing and versatile stones which will compliment your building with a timeless elegance. Our stones are sourced from historical sites around the world, with their names reflecting their origin and the surrounding cultural landscape. Each stone has a proven provenance that is testament to their robust nature, ensuring our stone will not only stand the test of time but actually improves as the years pass by.

End to End Solutions

Belvedere Stone’s involvement in your project is not limited to the supply of exceptional stone products.  Our World leading experts can advise on correct substrate construction and preparation, providing solutions that will positively impact your build program and budget. We provide complete and robust NBS fixing specifications for installation, sealing and maintenance for your contractors to follow. Being able to provide one specification for complete installation eliminates any incompatibility between products, and with Belvedere Stone being involved with your project at the design and specification stage you can be certain that your stone installation contractors will use methods that comply with British Standards.