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Stone is a naturally sustainable building material with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) which is typically 75% less than large format ceramic materials. With Architects and designers now considering the “whole life” carbon impact of buildings including the embodied and in-use carbon; from material extraction and transportation to the lifetime emissions (from maintenance, repair and disposal of material) natural stone can be used to improve and enhance your LEED ranking.

Environmentally conscious

Through our partnership with BAL we are protecting the rainforest one square metre at a time. For every square metre of Belvedere Stone fixed with BAL's Environmental Adhesive products, the equivalent area in the Peruvian Amazon is protected. Cool Earth is very proud to be working with BAL who are committed to conserving a minimum of 83 acres of endangered rainforest per year. Their support has a very real impact on the lives of indigenous communities and is locking in thousands of tonnes of CO2. Find out more here.

Ethical sourcing and child free labour

Belvedere Stone has been working with suppliers to successfully eliminate child labour from our entire supply chain. Our carefully selected partners have removed all children from their workplaces and instead ensure full time quality education for children up to the age of 15.

Recyclable packaging

Our stone is supplied in wooden crates which are fully recyclable and wrapped in a recyclable film to protect the stone. We are currently working with our partners to develop a recycled film pallet wrap and other ways in which we can minimise our environmental impact.